is a partnership of surgeons specialising in providing private surgical and medical care to patients with bowel related complaints . The members of the group offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic skills including out-patient consultations & treatments, endoscopy, day-case surgery, in-patient surgery, keyhole and minimally invasive surgery covering all areas of lower bowel disease. Based in Cheltenham, members of the group see patients from Gloucestershire, South Worcestershire, and West Oxfordshire as well as providing specialist referral services to patients from other areas.

Details of laparoscopic (keyhole) and other minimally invasive surgery offered by CCG
Details of fees and charges including insured and fixed price surgery
Information sheets on specific conditions or operations
Details of arranging appointments
Cheltenham Colorectal Group
Information on the Surgeons of the group including specialist interests and areas of expertise
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Details of specialist Colorectal Cancer surgery offered by CCG